4 Secure and Best FTP Clients for Windows

Modern Internet gives people tons of opportunities. Especially when it comes to downloading files and other useful content. Most users still don’t know what to choose in terms of software. Here, we are trying to enrich your knowledge by providing more information about the best FTP clients.

FTP Clients

FTP Clients are popular among different types of users. Both inexperienced users and professionals use it to upload or download important files for their activities. It is important to understand what software is the best fit for your system. Some users know that FTP clients allow them to upload, edit, share and download various content. It would be logical to state that the FTP client is something that you need, and it may solve many of your issues.

Top Four Best and Secure FTP Clients for Windows Users

So, let us describe the best FTP clients for Windows and help you to make your choice immediately.

FTP Client 1: WinSCP


To save your valuable time, we underline that all described software is designed and created for Windows. Given that this system is the most popular, people always wonder what they can download and install to upload, share, and download files. The first mention of this review will be regarding the WinSCP. It is worth mentioning that this software is free, and you don’t need to purchase extra services or premium subscription to use properly.

This software comes packed with helpful and accessible features for all users. It is possible to learn and quickly understand how to manipulate for your purposes, regardless of your level of experience. It also has a lightweight and straightforward interface, which allows users to navigate main commands without any problems. Once you launch it after the successful installation (which, by the way, takes only seconds), you can notice two important tabs. The left one displays all your files on the computer, and the right one shows folders and files of the server, where you want to upload or share it.

Experienced users will find this program more useful since there are many features and possibilities for advanced activity. For instance, this application supports a standard FTP, as well as STFP and SSH. Users can easily upload and edit files using the full functionality of WinSCP.

FTP Client 2 : CyberDuck


The next application on our list is CyberDuck. Although we describe the best FTP clients for Windows users, it is worth noticing that this application is also suitable for Mac users and devices.

CyberDuck is a simple application that allows users to download, upload, and share files between their systems and other servers. This application has an intuitive interface and comes with straightforward options, features, and commands. The important factor that CyberDuck is an application that can be utilized by inexperienced and advanced users. It includes standard features for FTP downloading and uploading. And it is easy to learn how to use this program in a few minutes, regardless of your skills.

Despite being a cross-platform application, CyberDuck allows users to experience a stable working process with various files. This application also requires no premium subscriptions or pre-paid services.

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FTP Client 3 : FileZilla


A professional and advanced application that allows users to work with multiple FTP servers at once. FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP clients nowadays. Although developers faced many issues by releasing this program for the first time, now this application features interesting and helpful options. The latest version includes many fixes, and it allows users to fully enjoy the FTP downloading and uploading in a few simple clicks.

This application comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which is a very important factor for many users. Both inexperienced and advanced PC users can quickly learn how to manipulate this program in different ways, regardless of their level of experience.

FileZilla supports multiple protocols, such as FTPS, SFTP, SSL, SSH FTP, and TLS. Furthermore, this application also supports IPv6 technology, which is widely used these days on many servers. Users can download and upload files on multiple servers at once, as well as assign rights, modify firewall settings, and set up a productive environment for different purposes. By far, this application has beaten all rivals and competitors, and it is considered as one of the most well-developed software for FTP activities. If you are interested in building a successful website, then you have to consider getting a FileZilla Download file.

FTP Client 4 : WS_FTP Professional

WS_FTP Professional

As we continue to review the best FTP clients, the next application is WS_FTP Professional. Unlike previous examples that we mentioned above, this application is not free. Users have to pay $49,95 once they complete the 30-day trial.

If you are searching for the FTP client that can help to run a website successfully, then it is time to learn more about this application. WS_FTP Professional is a simple application that allows you to transfer files between your computer and server, as well as upload, edit, delete, or customize them. Regardless of your content, it is possible to upload large media files and download them instantly.

This application comes full of helpful features and commands for all users, regardless of their level of experience. Thanks to its intuitive interface and menu. It is possible to start working on your website immediately and upload all necessary files, including photos, videos, and MP3 files. Among many features, it is worth mentioning that users can create virtual folders and local hosts on a single system.

You can experience professional management of different files using this program and upload any files at any time.

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Final Words

This review is showing the best and secure FTP clients, all PC users can use for productive activity. The decision is yours.


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