{Solved} 5 Best Ways to Disable Steam Auto Updates | Latest 2023

To disable steam auto updates is a general issue. Steam is the ultimate destination for playing, buying, and creating games. To deal with this problem of automatic updates, let’s first understand what they are. Steam is the largest distribution platform for games; it facilitates its users with automatic updates. Now, these updates are simply the updates for the latest versions of games. The update continues in the background causing no hindrance to present, system tasks.

The drawback of these updates is that it downloads automatically whenever it detects an internet connection. This causes a problem for the users with connection issues or with the metered connection. Moreover, the updates slow down the other tasks significantly. The users need to have more control over this situation when it has to download. This arises the need to disable steam auto updates. There are some methods available to do so, and if you are dealing with the same problem, check them out below.

Top 5 Methods to Disable Steam Auto Updates

Method 1: Schedule your Automatic Updates

No one minds a new version of the available games with more interesting features. What becomes irritating is the continuous update while working or playing. Avoid this by simply scheduling your updates to whatever time you feel is comfortable. So the steps for this are as follows:

1. Launch steam and go to the top Menu
2. Choose steam/view and click on settings in the drop-down list.
3. In the left settings, panel click on downloads
4. In the right settings page check only auto-update games between an option under download restrictions. Insert a time frame that suits you the best.

Method 2: Disabling Steam Startup Updates

Steam starts updating as soon as it detects internet connection. It keeps on updating in the background to keep you updated with latest version. To stop this from happening so that you can use your full internet connection speed, follow the steps given below:

1. Launch steam and go to the top menu.
2. Choose Steam/View and then go to settings.
3. In the left panel choose interface
4. Navigate to the option Run Steam when my computer starts and uncheck it.
5. Save the changes you have made.

Method 3: Limit your Bandwidth

This is the coolest among all the methods to disable steam auto updates. As the name suggests here, you can limit your bandwidth to the minimum value you want. This helps you to use the left available bandwidth for your own personal purpose and steam will only use the limited one available for it. So the steps to achieve this are as follows:

1. Launch steam and go to the top Menu
2. Choose Steam and click on settings in the drop-down list.
3. Go to the Download tab and navigate to download restrictions section.
4. Click on limit bandwidth option and open the drop-down menu.
5. Select the speed that suits you.
6. Save the changes you made.

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Method 4: Disable Steam Update on a single game

The simplest solution of all of them can be achieved when you disable steam auto updates on a single game only. This helps a lot and is found handy by a lot of users. For this, all you need to do is disable update for a particular game that you no longer want a new version of or simply update it when you launch it. To do so, follow the steps given below:

1. Launch steam and go to the library.
2. Select the game you want to disable updates and right click on it
3. Select properties and go to the updates tab in the new window that appears on your screen.
4. Click on the Automatic updates, a drop-down list appears.
5. Choose the option Only update this game when I launch it.
6. Always remember to disable your internet connection before starting the particular game.

Method 5: Reinstall your Game Partially

Gives a permanent solution to the disable steam auto updates problem so that it bugs you no further. Looking for a better solution, proceed as further:

1. Navigate to your installed steam folder and delete all the files except steam apps folder, user data folder, steam.exe file.
2. Restart your computer and open the steam folder again.
3. Now, run Steam.exe to reinstall the exam.
4. Apply the methods after re-installation

Final Words

That’s it. You are done. The above are the all methods that you can use to disable steam auto updates. The next time you want to work on steam with a low internet connection doesn’t worry, and you can go ahead with these simple steps. So this helps you get rid of unnecessary loss of efficiency, and keep your work, go on smoothly.


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