How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working in 2023 | Top 8 Methods

All those Gamers out there want their software to work smooth. No one likes a bad connection or loss of communication in the middle of an exciting game. There is various software out there to give the gamers the richest gaming experience they could ever have. But even the best of them could sometimes lead to specific errors. One of the most common one among them is “Discord Mic Not Working”.

Now, what does a Discord do? Think about playing a game and having a real life experience. Wouldn’t that be great? The discord helps you achieve the same by allowing you to communicate with your fellow teammates and win a mission more easily. Also known as Skype for gamers, this service is designed to help players communicate and coordinate via private servers with other people. When we say Discord Mic not working, it means that the user can hear the voices of other members of the channel, but they aren’t picking up the microphone audio or simply that your Mic is not working. This error can be really frustrating but can be resolved by the following fixes.

8 Best Ways to Fix Discord Mic Not Working

Method 1: Logging Out Of Discord

Sometimes, the easiest way solves the most significant problems. So here we are with the simplest one. For this method, you need to log out and restart your discord. But this method is only temporary if you are looking for the permanent ones skip to the other methods.

• Desktop Version
1. To log out of the discord, go to the User Settings icon represented by a white gear.
2. Navigate to Logout and click on it
3. Click on Logout gain to confirm; this will log you out
4. Now to log in, click on the login
5. Enter your credentials including discord Email address, password and click on the login

• Android Version
1. Clear the AppData and Cache to log out or,
2. Open the Discord App on your device
3. Go to the main Navigation menu and click on the white gear icon.
4. It will open the User Settings, now click on the white rightward arrow
5. This will log you out
6. For login simply follow the above steps after opening the Discord App

Method 2: Running Discord as Administrator

Now, as we know that Discord uses UDP as a mode of sending information to the destination’s IP address. But sometimes it so happens that the path through which it is traveling has obstacles. For this, we need to give it privileges to pass through easily, or in a computer, language Run it as Administrator. To do so, follow the given below steps:

1. Locate discord icon and simply click on quit discord.
2. Right click on discord icon and choose Run as Administrator. The error of Discord Mic not working will be resolved.

Method 3: Check your Headphone’s or Earphone’s Mic

The error can sometimes be due to external issue as well. This might include your Headphone or Earphone’s Mic not working.
To check if your Mic is functioning correctly, use the audio recorder app in your Smartphone or PC and record your voice. Check if there is any disturbance in the recorded audio if not, then your mic is excellent. If yes, then you need to change the microphone with which you are currently working.

Method 4: Reset the voice settings on Discord

This method can be applied once you have replaced your headset or checked if the Discord is allowed to function correctly. It comes in handy and is successful most of the time. Follow the steps below to reset voice settings of Discord:

1. Click on the User Settings represented by a white gear icon.
2. Navigate to Voice and Video and go to Reset voice settings.
3. Click Okay and check whether the error has been resolved.

Method 5: Update your audio Driver

Discord Mic uses the audio drivers in your PC. These drivers are the ones that manage the interface between your operating system and your PC’s audio hardware. Sometimes they go corrupt or become obsolete for that; we need to deal with them first to rectify the error:
There are two strategies to update the driver.

• Manual Update: To manually update the driver, go to the manufacturer’s website, and search for the latest audio driver. Choose the one which is correct for your Windows computer.

• Automatic Update: Manual update can be time-consuming, so many users prefer using the automatic one. For this, we need to use a software named DriverEasy, which automatically detects the correct drivers for your system. Therefore you need to follow the steps given below:

1. Download and install DriverEasy.
2. Open DriverEasy by right-clicking on it and press Scan Now button. The scanning process will take some time. It will detect any problematic drivers.
3. Update the driver by clicking on the update button next to the flagged audio driver to automatically download and install the correct one.

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Method 6: Check Automatic Input Sensitivity

One of the reasons for the error of Discord Mic Not Working can also be disabled Automatic Input Sensitivity. So to enable it; follow the steps given below:

1. Click on the User Settings icon on Discord Windows.
2. Click on voice and video under App settings.
3. Locate Input settings and toggle on the Automatically determine Input Sensitivity. If the bar below runs solid green while you talk in your headset, then the discord is transmitting your beautiful voice.
4. Toggle Off the Input Sensitivity and check if the manual slider is somewhere in the middle. If the manual bar is pulsating, then it is done.

Method 7: Disabling the Exclusive Mode in your Windows PC

The problem of Discord Mic, not working can also arise because of the exclusive control of windows over the audio devices. If this mode is enabled, it does not allow voice transmission from your headset and hence the error. So to disable it; proceed as given below:

1. Right click on the Speakers icon at the bottom of your windows. Locate Recording devices and click on it.
2. Sound Window appears on the screen. Now choose your microphone and click on properties.
3. In properties go to the Advanced tab. Uncheck all the option under Exclusive mode if they are checked.
4. Reboot your system and check whether or not the error has been resolved.

Method 8: Changing Input mode from Voice Activity to Push to talk

This technique is a little inconvenient as you need to continually push a button while communicating with your teammates but comes in handy if the other methods do not work. For this, all you need to do is change the input settings from Voice Activity to Push to talk. To enable it, follow the steps given below:

1. Go to settings beside your username in the bottom right corner.
2. Locate Discord settings and click on Voice & Video.
3. Checkmark the Push to Talk feature to enable it. That’s it you are done.


So the above methods are a complete solution to the Error “Discord Mic Not Working”. It is most of the time due to the headphone’s not working correctly, so first try with another pair of headphones. If then also the error arises, try out the other methods and continue with your game smoothly.



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