10 Best Ways to Fix DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet in Chrome

Internet users worldwide face an error while surfing, which has become prevalent with time. The common error which I am referring to is the message which appears on screen by the name of DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. DNS stands for Domain Name Servers which loads the web pages from the host. It indicates that there is no internet connection, and this usually occurs while using Google Chrome. But why this error occurs is a question which is in the minds of most of the users.

There can be issues with your Internet connection settings, Wi-Fi network, VPN, proxy, or firewall. One of the most common causes of this error is due to TCP/IP software or Dynamic host configuration protocol(DHCP), which provides IP addresses and handles the DNS server. These reasons and a few other causes sometimes prevent the computer from getting a direct connection to the web. It occurs mainly due to the failure of DNS cache load when we try to access the webpage. Virus and anti-virus programs can also be the cause of DNS error.

Top Methods to Fix DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet in Chrome.

Method 1: Check Connectivity

There can be an issue related to connectivity, which causes dns_probe_finished_no_internet error. It is important to ensure that your router is receiving internet connection from ISP. If you are using wi-fi as a means of accessing the internet, then you need to connect your phone to the modem and check if your mobile is getting an internet connection. If you are successfully getting a connection, then it indicates that your router is fine but if it doesn’t, then you need to speak to your ISP. To test connectivity from a computer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Hold windows key and press R simultaneously.
  2. Type cmd and Click Ok.
  3. In the black command prompt, you need to type “ping-t” and then hit enter.
  4. After hitting enter it will show the following lines- “Reply from bytes=32 time=193ms TTL=53 Reply from bytes=32 time=193ms TTL=53 Reply from bytes=32 time=192ms TTL=53.
  5. If these lines appear, then this means that the internet is connected. If the internet is not connected with the computer, then it will show “Request Timed Out”.

Method 2: Through Command Prompt

A command prompt is a tool which exists in the Windows ecosystem. It can be used to modify the behavior of the Windows as it performs system level commands. It enables you to control your computer, and as a result, it can also be used to solve the dns_probe_finished_no_internet error. The command prompt is now known as Windows Powershell in Windows 10. To fix the error using the command prompt, we can follow the following steps:

  • From the start menu search cmd. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator.

  • After following the above step, we need to enter the following command: netsh winscok reset.
netsh winsock reset
netsh winsock reset
  • After entering this command, we need to restart our PC, and then this method will fix the dns_probe_finished_no_internet error.

Method 3: Changing your DNS to Google DNS

Google has introduced the Google DNS, which can be used in place of default DNS, which is set by the router. Google DNS is more secure, loads webpages faster, and is having fewer chances of errors. The following steps will guide you in changing your DNS to Google DNS:

  • Go to control panel, open Network and Internet by clicking on it.
Network & Internet
Network & Internet
  • Now, Open Network and Sharing Center form the given options.
Network and Sharing Center
Network and Sharing Center
  • Choose Network Connections by right-clicking on the Windows logo. If you are using Windows 10, then choose Change adapter options from the new menu.
Change Adapter Settings
Change Adapter Settings
  • From the network connections which are being displayed, you need to right-click on the network you are connected to and then select the option of Properties.
  • In the properties section, you need to find Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPV4) and then double click on it.
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4)
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4)
  • In the new menu select Use the following DNS server address and enter the following numbers: Preferred DNS Server:, Alternate DNS server: After entering the numbers press OK and then exit.
  • After the completion of the above-stated steps you need to restart your computer so that the settings are applied, this will fix the DNS probe finished no internet error.

Method 4: Flush DNS

The DNS records are stored in a cache by the computer to find the IP addresses of the websites easily. If the DNS servers of the sites are changed or the DNS records in your computer are corrupted, then it can result in DNS probe finished no internet error. By flushing the DNS cache on your PC, dns_probe_finished_no_internet error can be fixed.

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Method 5: Update Network Adapter Driver

The network adapter may have some problems or would require a new software driver. This creates a necessity to update the network adapter driver. To update it use the following steps:

  1. From the Windows search box search for “Device Manager” and open it.
  2. Select the “Network adapters” section. In this section, choose the correct and active adapter and right click on it. Select the “Update driver” option to see the choices.
Update Driver
Update Driver
  1. If you are using the network adapter of a well reputed and established brand, then the drivers for it are published regularly. As a result, you can click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”. The Windows will scan the latest driver and will give out instructions to follow.
  2. There are times when the Windows is unable to locate the latest driver for your network adapter. In this case, visit the official website of the manufacturer of the adapter and from the download section on the website manually download the latest driver.

Method 6: Use a VPN or Proxy

Internet Service Provider(ISP) sometimes blocks the sites which are outside your country. As a result, you will face DNS related errors.To tackle this problem you can use reliable VPN services to get through the ISP’S network and access the sites which are blocked by it. This might solve dns_probe_finished_no_internet error.

Method 7: Check Firewall Settings

Firewall settings are important to access the internet through chrome. You should allow the firewall to include chrome app so that it is not blocked. Disable the firewall to check whether you can access the webpage. If you can then troubleshoot the firewall settings or just re-enable it to protect your computer.

Method 8: Uninstall web monitoring or any Filter application

We download certain web monitoring or filter applications to protect our computer from any potential harm or viruses. You can uninstall these applications to check whether these applications were the cause of the problem. Check whether your internet connection works or not and try to open up those sites which were not opening up before.

Method 9: Change your IP Address using Command Prompt

Replacing your IP address can also help in solving the dns_probe_finished_no_internet in chrome error. This can be done by using the following steps:

  • Open up Command prompt and type “ipconfig/release” and press enter.
ipconfig release
ipconfig release
  • Now type “ipconfig/renew” and press enter again.
ipconfig renew
ipconfig renew
  • Remove the DNS by typing “ipconfig/flushdns”. Press enter.
ipconfig flushdns
ipconfig flushdns
  • Shut down the command prompt window and reboot your PC.

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Method 10: Clear the Cache of your browser

It is important to keep in mind that you need to clear the cache of your browser in this Google Chrome. You need to follow these steps to do so:

  • Click on settings option in Google Chrome and find More Tools and click on it. Now clear the browsing data by clicking on the clear browsing data option.
Clear Browsing Data
Clear Browsing Data
  • Close the browser now and then relaunch it.


So we conclude that you”ll be able to solve most if not all cases related to DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error by using the methods stated above. The best solution can be the most simplest one, and you won’t have to complicate the process much to fix the error. If the problem is not solved by a simple solution, then a complex one can do the work but is a rare occurrence. Even after using the above-stated methods, the error is not fixed; you can avail the services of a professional expert in order to fix this issue.


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