Top 8 Ways to Fix Dreaded Ntoskrnl.Exe Blue Screen of Dead (BSOD) Error

There is always a thing in our lives which we despise, similarly while operating the computer systems we face a blue screen error which is commonly regarded as the most dreaded error among users. Almost everyone has faced this error once while using their computers. Every time it occurs, it creates a sense of panic among the users, but it can be fixed easily. But what is Ntoskrnl.Exe? Well, it is a file that facilitates the working of Windows, and if there is a problem in it, then your computer won’t work until this error is not resolved.

There are many reasons because of which this error occurs, and they are:

1. When memory becomes corrupted, the exe file is affected.

2. Device drivers can become outdated.

3. It can be due to clocking drivers.

4. The computer may be experiencing CPU issues.

In spite of these causes, there are many solutions available to solve this problem. These solutions or methods are effective.

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Fix Dreaded Ntoskrnl.Exe BSOD Blue Screen Error

Method 1: Update Your Drivers

Updating your drivers is very important to keep this problem at bay. To do this use the given steps.

1. Open up the run dialogue box and type hdwwiz.cpl in it and press OK.
2. In the driver’s tab go and click on “Update Drivers”.
3. Choose the automatic option to locate and install the updated drivers from the net.
4. Restart your PC to complete the process.

Method 2: Run Antimalware and Antispyware Applications to Scan Your System

Having malware scanners on your system can prove to be beneficial in the long run. It is done by using the given steps.

1. Download Spybot or Malwarebytes.
2. Install the software and run scan.
3. Now fix all the issues which are arising.
4. Restart your computer to ensure completion.

Method 3: Revert the System to its Default Settings

We make many changes in the system according to our own needs, and due to this we can face issues in our systems, and it can be the cause of the ntoskrnl.exe error. In these situations, it is important to revert the system to default settings and can be done in this way.

1. Restart the computer system.

2. While it is still in the process of restarting, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously to enter the BIOS setup.

3. Find the Load Default Setup in the setup screen.

load defaults
load defaults

4. Lastly, choose the option and exit the BIOS after saving the settings. This will probably fix the issue.

Method 4: Repair the Registry

A registry contains information regarding the settings of the computer system and which can be used as the components of Windows. If the registry is corrupted, then it can cause the blue screen error to occur. To repair the registry immediately, follow the below given steps.

1. Press Windows key and select Command prompt.

2. Now run the command prompt as an Administrator.

Command Prompt Run as Administrator
Command Prompt Run as Administrator

3. Type the following command in the command window opened, sfc/scannow.

SFC Scan now
SFC Scan now

4. Scanning and repairing process will start.

5. After the completion of the process, restart the system. The repaired registry will help in removing the ntoskrnl.exe BSOD error.

Method 5: Update Realtek Audio Driver

The Realtek audio driver can be corrupted or outdated. This can also facilitate the blue screen error. This audio driver thus demands to be updated in order to fix the error, so you need to take of this issue and update it as soon as you can.

Method 6: Reset Overclocking Settings

When you are overclocking your PC then it can cause the Ntoskrnl.exe BSOD error. It is due to the fact that the overclocking software puts pressure on your PC’S hardware and because of which the PC restarts suddenly and displays the BSOD error. To fix this problem you don’t have to do much, simpy reset the overclocking settings or remove any overclocking software.

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Method 7: Disable Runtime Broker

The runtime broker has a poor memory optimization and as a result, consumes a large portion of CPU cycles. These further results in high CPU usage and memory leaks. To fix this, you have to disable runtime broker by following the given steps.

1. From the start menu, open up the settings app.
2. Open System> Notification and actions.
3. Deselect “Show me tips about Windows” or “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows”.
4. Restart the PC to complete the process and fix this problem.

Method 8: Perform System Restore

1. Open up the run box by pressing Windows and R key simultaneously. Type “sysdm.cpl” and press enter.
2. In the system protection tab, select System Restore.
3. Click on next and select the required System Restore point.
4. Some instructions will be displayed on-screen. Follow them and a complete system restore process to fix the ntoskrnl.exe BSOD issue.

Final Words

So we have listed down several different methods for you to use and fix Ntoskrnl.Exe BSOD Blue Screen Error. No specific way can be used every time as it is essential first to comprehend the reason behind the error. After understanding the reason for the error, you can apply the above-stated methods accordingly.


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