Top 8 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding in Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Microsoft Word is a sophisticated word processing application designed for typing, editing, and printing out content. It is one of the most commonly used applications and comes in handy for various jobs. An error in Word is almost equivalent to a disaster. Such an error includes Microsoft Word not responding. But don’t panic as we have some simple solutions to this problem.

Best Methods to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding

Method 1: Disabling Add-ins

One of the reasons for this problem can be the presence of a third party Add-ins. Thee can also lead to the problem of Microsoft Word not responding. The steps below will help you to disable them.

1. Click on the Office button and then choose Word Options. Click on the Add-ins tab.
2. Tap on the “Go” button beside Manage: Com-in Adds.
3. Disable any Add-ins that are recorded in the checkbox and click on Ok to continue.

Method 2: Recover MS Office Application

We can get rid of this problem of Microsoft Word not responding by recovering MS Office Application. To do so you need to follow the steps below:

1. Go to Start and then All Programs.
2. Click on Microsoft Office Tools and find MS Office Application Recovery.
3. Select the document that is not responding.
4. Press on “Recover Application”.

Method 3: By Reparing Microsoft Office

Microsoft word by an in-built mechanism present in Microsoft Office. This mechanism allows you to repair the installation by targeting corrupt files. It repairs them individually and hence solves the problem. The following steps will help you do so:

1. Go to start and open Run. The Run dialog box appears.
2. Now in the Run box, type “appwiz.cpl” and then press enter.
3. All the installed applications will be listed. Now, Search for Office Suite and right-click on it to select “Change”.
4. On the other window that pops up, tap on “Repair”.

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Method 4: Your System Must be Protected from Viruses.

Saving your computer from viruses is one of the most important aspects. Your computer must always be protected by antivirus. All you need to do is download antivirus tools available online. Nowadays, Malware corrupts your computer by merely entering from launching unknown sites or downloading content from unknown sites. One must avoid this to protect your computer. So, this might help to solve Microsoft Word not responding.

Method 5: An Unexpected Power Surge to the System Must be Avoided

Sometimes when our PC shuts down unexpectedly, they are chances of losing a document. This must be avoided. To do so, it’s better we avoid the use of PC during times when the PC could lose power, or there is a fluctuation in the amount of power. To avoid this, you can use stabilizers or use certain precautions to deal with a power surge.

Method 6: Save the Word Document Before Closing

Sometimes due to extreme carelessness, we close our document without saving. This results in loss of data. An abrupt shut down of the computer system while working on a document could also lead to various errors in Microsoft word.
Even the hardware and software mingling could lead to the issue of Microsoft Word not responding.

Method 7: Word Must be Launched in Safe Mode

If the above methods don’t work, then try launching this application in safe mode. By launching the application in safe mode, the system automatically disables the third-party applications. To do so, follow the steps given below:

1. Go to start. Open Microsoft Word.
2. Press CTRL key and click on the application. This will launch the application in safe mode.
3. Check if the word application is running right. You can restart your computer if the steps don’t work on your computer.

Method 8: Use Microsoft’s Fixit Solution

Microsoft has itself looked into this matter and come up with several fixit solutions. All of these solutions are available on its official website. Go and search for the solution you need and download it. The solution contains many lines of codes that look into the error and solve the problem.


The above solutions will deal with the problem of Microsoft Word not responding. Go through them minutely following each step. Once you follow a method; it is advisable to restart your PC for producing an effect. If still, the problem remains, then the only solution is to reinstall the application after uninstalling it.


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