7 Best Methods to Fix No Audio Output Device is Installed

Users of different versions of Windows like Windows 7, 8, and 10 have encountered an error many-a-time, in which they see a red-cross over their sound icon. This sound icon is found at the right corner of the taskbar. When a red cross is shown on it, it means that the system is incapable of playing any sound. It’s not an issue if the user as muted the sound themselves, but it causes annoyance for the user when s/he is not able to play any sound, even when they want to. Whenever the user floats their mouse over the sound icon, it shows a message which states that “No Audio Output Device is installed”.

Reasons for this error can be many like your Windows might have become corrupted, making it difficult for the Windows to identify with the audio hardware device. Or it may happen that the Windows Sound Drivers have become outdated or damaged. Another reason can be the fault in the computer’s sound jack. It’s difficult to identify the exact cause for the issue, but you can try the various fixes given herein to fix the problem.

Seven ways to fix No Audio Output Device is Installed error

Method 1: Reinstall the Device Driver

One the effective and efficient ways to fix the “No Audio Output Device is installed” error is to uninstall the corrupt driver and reinstall it from the Microsoft website.

To do so, reflect the hereinafter stated steps:

  • Open Device Manager by pressing Windows + R keys together and typing the command “devmgmt.msc”, followed by pressing Enter.
  • Once open, locate Sound, video and game controllers option.
Sound Video & Game Controllers
Sound Video & Game Controllers
  • Expand it by clicking on it.
  • Right-click on the installed driver and select Uninstall driver.
uninstall sound drivers
uninstall sound drivers
  • Restart your system and open Windows Device Manager again.
  • Right-click on the blank right side and choose Scan for hardware changes. This will detect the sound drivers that are available.
  • If sound driver is available, install it by right-clicking on it. If not, then download one from the official website.

Method 2: Re-enabling audio device

Re-enabling the audio device using the device manager may fix the No Audio Output device is installed issue. Trailing are the actions that need to be taken for re-enabling the device:

a. Open Device Manager.
b. Navigate to Sound, video, and game controllers option and expand it by clicking on it.
c. Right-click on the audio driver and select Enable.
Check whether this fixes the issue or not.

Method 3: Update Audio Device Drivers automatically

An outdated audio device driver can also be the reason for this error. Renewing the driver to the freshest version will fix the No Audio Output device is installed issue, and you’ll be good to go. To automatically update your audio device driver, you can use Driver easy. You can either practice the unrestricted version, or you can use the Pro version as well, for which you have to pay a small amount.

a. Download and install Driver Easy on your system.
b. Open Driver Easy and click on Scan now option.
c. It’ll scan all the drivers and look for the outdated ones.
d. Now click on Update option, and it’ll install the latest and correct driver for your system automatically.
e. You can choose to Update all the drivers that are out of date, but for this, you need to have the Pro version.

Method 4: Check for Defective Sound Card

Sometimes, the reason for the “No Audio output device is installed” error can be the damaged hardware as well, i.e. your sound card. For fixing this issue, you need to visit a professional and get your defective sound card replaced with a new one.

Method 5: Windows Audio troubleshooter

Windows 7, 8, and 10 have a characteristic known as ‘Audio Troubleshooter’, which fixes the issues related to audio and sound devices. To make use of the audio troubleshooter, follow the below mentioned steps:

a. Right-click on the sound icon at the bottom right side of the screen that is showing the red-cross.
b. Select Troubleshoot Sound Problems.
c. The audio troubleshooter will scan the system and look for the issues. This process may take a few minutes.
d. On completion, it’ll display the errors and also would have made the necessary changes.
e. Check whether the issue has been resolved.
f. If not, click on ‘Explore additional options’ in the Troubleshooting results box.
The troubleshooter might be able to fix the No Audio Output device is installed error, and the audio system may start functioning correctly again.

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Method 6: Microsoft System Restore feature

Microsoft Windows offers a System Restore feature that enables a user to restore the system back to a previous state to recover it from various malfunctions and other problems. It is available in all versions of Windows following the Windows ME, and it’s turned off by default in Windows 10. Users need to enable it manually in order for it to function.
In addition to Microsoft System Restore, HP System Recovery can also be put to use for HP PCs.
For enabling system restore, you can refer to the following:

Windows 7: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01835735
Windows 8 and 10: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c03327545

For using HP System Recovery, apply to the following:

Windows 7: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01867418
Windows 8 and 10: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c04758961

You can go through the videos given in these links to know about the process of using Microsoft system recovery and HP System Recovery feature.

Method 7: Reboot Your System

Sometimes, users plug-in hardware into their system at the time of booting only. This can lead to changes in the hardware configuration, which can lead to this error as well. To fix this, users can just reboot their system and avoid this error from occurring in future again by plugging in any hardware only once the booting process has completed.
Thus, rebooting your system will restore the hardware configuration again and fix the “No audio output device is installed” error.


Above-mentioned were the different ways which can help you resolve the “No audio output device is installed” error. Whatever the reason for the failure may be, a solution has been provided accordingly. You can apply any of the above methods and see whichever works for you to get through this error.


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