6 Ways to Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

SIM stands for Subscriber Identification Module which is a small card with a chip that enables a mobile phone to connect with a carrier or the service provider. They help the carriers in identifying the cell phone account. Nowadays user are facing issues like Sim not provisioned mm#2. SIM cards are required for GSM (Global System for Mobile) mobile phones, as CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) mobile phones are directly registered with the network. Due to this reason, GSM mobile phones are more preferred than the CDMA ones as it’s much easier to switch GSM mobile phones as all you need to do is insert the SIM into the new device.

SIM cards also have the capacity to store data like contacts list and SMS messages, but with the new gen mobile phones, which come with internal storage; this doesn’t seem to be a requirement these days.

Sometimes, when a user needs to register a new SIM card, s/he might face a ‘SIM not provisioned MM#2 error’. You can face this error if you have bought a new SIM card or you’re transferring contacts to a new SIM card or your network provider’s services are unavailable. This is not an uncommon error, and many users have faced it. Here’s how to get through whenever confronted with such type of error.

Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Issue

Method 1: Restart phone

Sometimes, all you require to do is turn it off and back on again, as Will Sawyer said in ‘Skyscraper’. Switch off your mobile phone and then just turn it on back again. Wait for a few moments and you will see that the error message is gone and your SIM card is working fine now.

This is the simplest fix to the Sim not provisioned mm#2 error and will most likely work. But in case it fails to, try the other methods mentioned herein.

Method 2: Properly insert SIM Card

Maybe, the issue is not with your network provider or SIM activation. It’s just that the SIM has displaced from its place or has not been inserted properly. Even if you haven’t even touched your SIM card, it might get displaced due to faulty SIM card holder. Whatever may be the case, it’s worth it just to check and make sure that your SIM is in the proper place. To do the same:

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Open its back where you’ll find the SIM card holder. It can be under the battery as well, wherein you need to remove the battery as well.
  • Nowadays mobile phones don’t come with replaceable batteries. If that’s the case with you, you can find the SIM card holder on the side of your device. There will be a small hole in which you can insert the small pin provided by the mobile phone’s manufacturer, or a safety pin, or anything sharp, which will help in opening it up.
Adjust SIM Card
Adjust SIM Card
  • Once you have found the SIM card holder, take out your SIM card. Clean it by using a lint-free cloth and give it a blow to remove the dust.
  • Now carefully position it in the holder. For handsets with replaceable batteries, there will be an instruction sticker as well.
  • Insert the battery back, in case you removed it.
  • Switch on your phone and see whether the issue has been solved or not.

Method 3: Activating your SIM Card

Generally, your SIM Card gets activated within 24 hours of being inserted in your mobile phone. But there can be instances when it doesn’t. In that case, you can try the following measures:

a. You call an automated number.
b. Try sending an SMS.
c. Go to the activation page on the carrier’s website.

Try using any one or all of these measures to get rid of the Sim not provisioned mm#2 error. If any of these still don’t work, try the other methods.

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Method 4: Contact your Service Provider

Another reason for this Sim not provisioned mm#2 error can be a problem from your service provider’s end as well. They are also the ones who can activate or even deactivate your SIM. So another fix that you can put to use is to pick up another phone and make a call to the customer support of your service provider. Tell them about the issue that you are facing and the steps that you have taken so far. They will investigate and find out the issue with your SIM and if there’s a problem from their end, they will solve it as well.

Method 5: Port your SIM

If your current service provider is also not able to fix Sim not provisioned mm#2 error, then you can just switch and port your SIM to another service provider. This will keep your mobile number the same as before, just that you will have a new service provider now. For porting your SIM to another service provider, you can contact their customer support, and they will let you know about what you need to do for the same.

Method 6: Get a new SIM card

If all the above-mentioned fixes have been put to use and you haven’t got any success, then it’s time for you to get a new SIM card now. Just walk-in to your nearest service provider’s store or outlet and get a new one.

Following the above fixes will surely help you get rid of the SIM not provisioned mm#2 error in one way or the other. When confronted with this error, you will still be able to use other features on your mobile phone, but won’t be able to make any calls except emergency calls and won’t be able to send any text messages either.


The causes for sim not provisioned mm#2 error can be many like your SIM has been deactivated by your service provider as you asked for a new one or it’s too old or there can be some other reason as well. There can also be a case of your mobile phone failing to register your SIM card. However, the fixes mentioned above cover all the causes and provide for solutions accordingly.


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