Fix Spotify Error Code 18: Unable to Install | Latest 2023

Spotify is a very famous and loved music streaming platform among music lovers. Along with providing many music tracks, it offers many other features to its users as well, which vary on a paid and unpaid basis. It is a vast platform with millions of users across the globe.
But Spotify is also not free from errors that may be faced by its users sometimes. One of such errors is Spotify Error Code 18. With the presence of this error, a user is not able to install Spotify on his/her system. There can be too many reasons for this error which have been discussed below, along with the solutions that can be utilized to fix the same.

7 ways to fix Spotify error code 18: Unable to install

Method 1: Ending Spotify processes using Task Manager

Sometimes it happens that even after uninstalling Spotify, some data files, settings or registry elements still remain, which leads to Spotify Error Code 18. These processes need to be ended so that Spotify can be reinstalled without any error. To do the same, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Task Manager. You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Esc for the purpose.
Task Manager
Task Manager
  • Go to the ‘Processes’ tab and find any processes with the name ‘Spotify’ in it.
Processes Tab
Processes Tab
  • If yes, right-click on the process and select ‘End Process’.
End Spotify
End Spotify
  • Confirm your action by clicking on ‘End Process’ in the resulting dialogue box.
  • If you don’t find a process related to Spotify, then this fix is not for you, and you need to employ other methods to get through it.

After ending any or all the processes related to Spotify, try reinstalling Spotify now. Check whether Spotify Error Code 18 is gone or not.

Method 2: Delete any previously saved data

This method will also work in case of re-installing Spotify. Again, any previously installed data files or settings may not have been deleted even while uninstallation of Spotify was done. So, to solve this error, you can follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Open ‘Run’ by pressing Windows + R keys together.
Run Box
Run Box
  • In the Run dialogue box, type “%appdata%” in the search bar and hit Enter.
Type %appdata%
Type %appdata%
  • This will open the AppData directory where you need to navigate to Spotify folder.
Delete Spotify Folder
Delete Spotify Folder
  • Once you do find it, right-click on it and delete it.
  • After deleting the Spotify folder, restart your computer.
  • After the bootup, try installing Spotify again to see whether the Spotify Error Code 18 still persists or not.

Method 3: Uninstalling programs interfering with the Spotify installation

There are some programs that do interfere with the installation process of Spotify. iTunes and Comodo are two such programs that are examples of the same. So if you have any of these programs installed on your computer or any other program as well that you think might be causing the issue, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Start menu and search for ‘add or remove program’ in the search bar.
  2. Open ‘Add or remove program’ and find the programs that you think are hindering with the installation process of Spotify.
  3. Right-click on them and select Uninstall.
  4. Follow the steps as per the Wizard.
  5. After successful uninstall of the respective programs, restart your computer.
  6. Try installing Spotify now.

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Method 4: Download the file again

Sometimes during downloading Spotify, some certain issues can also take place that can corrupt the download. In that case, you won’t be able to install this file, due to it becoming corrupt. So under such circumstances, you need to go through the following procedure:

  • Delete the corrupt files from your system.
Delete Spotify Folder
Delete Spotify Folder
  • Open download manager and download Spotify once again.
Download Spotify
Download Spotify
  • Try installing it now. Spotify Error Code 18 will most probably have been solved.

Method 5: Exit Steam

This fix is for Steam users. Steam, which is a digital distribution platform for purchasing and playing games, makes use of some of the files and processes that were left back even after uninstalling Spotify. In this case also, you won’t be able to install Spotify successfully. To get void of it, you need to:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on Steam on the top-left corner and select Exit.
  3. Wait for Steam to close completely. Wait for another minute to be sure and then try installing Steam again.
  4. If the issue was occurring due to Steam, Spotify would now have been installed without any error.

Method 6: Boot your system in and out of safe mode

This is another fix that might help you in getting rid of the Spotify Error Code 18. To boot your computer/laptop in safe mode, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows + R keys together to open ‘Run’ dialogue box.
  2. Type “misconfig” and hit Enter.
  3. System Configuration will open. Here you need to go to the Boot tab.
  4. Check the Safe Boot option here and click on Apply.
  5. Click on OK and restart your system.
  6. Your computer will now boot in safe mode.
  7. Repeat the steps a. to e. But this time, uncheck Safe boot and restart your system.
  8. Your system will now boot as it normally does.
  9. Run the Spotify installer now.

Method 7: Booting the computer with all services enabled and then disabled

  1. Press Windows + R keys together.
  2. Type “misconfig” in the run dialogue box. Press Enter.
  3. In System Configuration, go to the services tab.
  4. Click on Disable all. Further, click on Apply and then OK.
  5. Restart your system. It’ll restart in a bit different manner and won’t even be connected to the internet. But that’s totally normal.
  6. Afterward, repeat the steps from a. to e. This time, click on Enable all in step d. and again restart your system.
  7. This time it will boot normally. Run the Spotify installer.

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Final Words

Any of the above-mentioned fixes is possible of solving Spotify Error Code 18. The type of fix to be used will depend upon the reason which led to the occurrence of this error. So reasons need to be investigated and if you are not able to do the same, then try all the fixes one by one and see which one works for you.


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