Top 8 Methods to Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

It becomes very frustrating whenever we encounter constant errors while working on our PC’S. These errors can be of any type and each of them takes time to get fixed. So why do these errors occur? Well, each error occurs due to a specific issue related to them and sometimes it becomes difficult to comprehend them. While operating Windows system, one of the most popular errors we face is the Visual C++ Runtime Library Error. This can occur because of the following reasons.

1. A problem occurs involving the video card and operating system.
2. The software can be incompatible.
3. Startup program can be the issue.
4. Essential runtime components of Visual C++ are sometimes missing.

When this error occurs, the software gets crashed, and thus it becomes necessary to fix this problem immediately. But how can we fix it? There are numerous methods available with us to fix it. These methods are enumerated as follows.

Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

Method 1: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++

This method involves the use of the following steps.

1. Use the internet and open up Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) page.
2. Now click on “Download” and when it gets downloaded, move on to the next step.
3. Double-click on the downloaded file.
4. The “Installation Wizard” will provide some instructions. Follow them.
5. Reboot your computer.
6. Lastly, check whether the issue Visual C++ Runtime Library has been fixed or not.

Method 2: Determine which Service is the problem

For this method to be applied accurately; these steps are to be followed in order.
1. Open up the Run box.
2. Type MSCONFIG in the box to open up the “System configuration utility”.


3. Reach the “Services” tab now. Click on “Hide All Microsoft Services” check box.
5. Click on disable (if the button is still active).

disable all services
disable all services

6. Reboot the computer.
7. Testing of the software is the last step in this method.

If error message no longer appears then repeat the steps 1-7 to enable a new service each time. If the error returns this time, you’ll be aware which service is conflicting with the software and then you can keep it disabled.

Method 3: Update display driver

Updating the display driver can help in fixing the issue sometimes. You can update the display driver as follows.

1. Hold the Windows key and press X simultaneously to open the device manager.

Device Manager
Device Manager

2. Locate display adapters and right click on your display adapter.

Expand Display Adapters
Expand Display Adapters

3. Select update driver.
4. Find and select Search Automatically for Updated Driver, if it shows that the best drivers for your device are already installed then select the second option Search for updated drivers on Windows Update and click check for updates.

Search Automatically for Updated Driver
Search Automatically for Updated Driver

5. If new drivers are found, install them to finish the process.

Method 4: Uninstalling Applications

Some applications can cause Visual C++ to crash the explorer. Uninstalling them can help in resolving this issue. Reinstall them later to check if the situation persists or not. It is done as follows.

1. Press Windows key and R, Cpl then press enter.
2. Now try to uninstall those applications which you have identified as the cause of this error. You can also try to uninstall apps which you have installed recently, like- Visual Studio 2013, AutoCAD, Bing Desktop.
3. Reboot the PC and verify if the issue is fixed or not.

Method 5: Uninstall Intel true key

Intel’s true key can interfere with crucial components of the operating system and as a result, can become the cause of the Visual C++ Runtime Library problem. To uninstall it entirely from PC do this.
1. Press Windows and I key simultaneously.
2. Select the “Apps” option.
3. Find the “Intel True Key” option in the list and click on it.
4. Select “uninstall” and in the warning, prompt click on yes.
5. The software will be uninstalled and the issue will be resolved by verifying it.

Method 6: Running Diagnostics

Diagnostics can be run as follows.
1. Press ctrl+shift+esc to end the current Windows Explorer process and by selecting the Process tab.
2. Locate the Windows Explorer(explorer.exe) from the running applications, right-click on it and then click on end task.
3. Press Windows and R key simultaneously and type MdSched and press on OK.
4. Select Restart now and review for problems option.
5. Now follow the wizard to check and solve any memory issues.

Method 7: Erase junk files and reinstall the software

Erasing junk files can also help in solving the issue. Reinstallation of the program because of which the Visual C++ runtime library error is occurring is another potential option. You can erase the junk files and reinstall software as.

1. In the run box, type ‘appwiz.cp’ to open the Programs and Features tab.
2. Choose the software which you want to remove and uninstall it and click on yes button for confirmation.
3. Now type ‘cleanmgr’ in the run box and press OK.
4. Choose to scan the drive where you have installed the program. Usually, it is the C drive.
5. In the disk clean up window, you need to select all the file checkboxes.
6. Press on OK and then on Delete Files to erase all the selected file categories.
7. After the junk files are erased, restart Windows.
8. Now reinstall the software which you uninstalled.
9. Also, verify if there are updates available for the preinstalled software.

Method 8: Install Visual C++ Redistributable packages

It is possible that your system may be lacking Visual C++ redistributable packages and some of its vital components and because of which you are facing this error. You can download the packages manually by installing 32 and 64 –bit versions.

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Last Words

You can use these methods which we have stated to fix the Visual C++ Runtime Library error and enjoy working on your systems freely in the future.


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